What Is A Pre-Wedding Session?

In recent years, the pre-wedding session has become very popular, which consists of doing a pre-wedding photo session a few months or weeks before the wedding.

Many wedding photographers offer a photo session before the ceremony as an additional service to the D-Day photo album. The main objective is to get to know your photographer and for them to get to know you as a couple.

Why is a pre-wedding session important?

A pre-wedding session is a short photo session with the wedding photographer, and usually takes place approximately three to six months before the wedding. The main objective of the pre-wedding session is to get used to being in front of the camera, establish a good relationship with your photographer, and have some romantic images of the couple before the wedding.

The truth is that spending a little time without pressure, talking and overcoming your fears of being photographed, or even rehearsing the role of models in front of the camera, will not only make you enjoy it more but will bring a great naturalness to the images.

For the professional who captures these emotionally charged special moments in images, it is very useful to know the couple beforehand, how affectionate they are, and how well they expose themselves to the public. Some couples will be happy to kiss on camera and others will be more comfortable holding hands or hugging.

You’ll also discover the photographer’s way of working and style, so don’t be too surprised if he disappears into the bush on your wedding day and you wonder what’s going on, photos through the greenery create a great effect.

Finally you will have a selection of romantic and fun photos months before your wedding. Remember that opting for a pre-wedding session is a couple’s decision, but it is highly recommended, especially if you feel uncomfortable in front of the lens.

How to prepare a pre-wedding session?

At the beginning of the session, you are likely to find yourself a bit tense, so answering a few questions about yourself, playing a little game, or simply putting on a costume will help you relax little by little.

Plan the session, find a special location, and relax. After a few minutes, spontaneous and natural photos will begin to emerge that portray the complicity of the couple.

What are Golden Weddings?

Every wedding anniversary is cause for celebration, but a golden anniversary deserves something very special. This is a very important event in the life of a married couple, as the couple celebrates their 50th wedding anniversary.

It is an ideal time to look back and fondly remember a lifetime together, as well as what you have achieved as a couple along the way. Having shared so many years as a married couple is a privilege that few are capable of achieving, what better way to pay homage to this day than by celebrating your golden anniversary in the best way.

Celebration of the golden anniversary, what to do?

As we have mentioned on other occasions, organizing a suitable event for such a special day can be as stressful as planning a wedding, so you may want to hire an expert to plan the celebration for you. In this blog post we tell you what to take into account and how to choose the best professional in event organization.

Who to invite?

The couple should make a list of family, friends and other acquaintances they would like to see at their event. Whether it’s a traditional, formal or informal golden anniversary party, you’ll want to make sure the invitations match the tone of the wedding. Raised gold lettering works well, and you could even include a photo of the wedding day.

Where to celebrate?

Organize a party at home, a tent in the garden may be just what you need. And if the budget allows it, hire a spectacular place for the party of your life.

If you prefer a more intimate celebration, you can organize a lunch or dinner with family and closest friends. You can do it in the private room of a restaurant or at home with a catering service . You decide. In one way or another, the 50th wedding anniversary must be celebrated.

Choose a theme to spark the imagination.

For a more formal celebration in the garden, opt to include traditional decorations with gold motifs, for example:

Ivory tablecloths, coffee tables and plates with gold details.

Gold and silver balloons and streamers can be placed in clusters around the room.

Old photos from your wedding could be featured on a table, and other photos of your life together can be used as placemats and displayed on the table.

If you still have your old wedding dresses they could be exposed.