Special Catering Service For Companies.

Sail la Vie Conferences & Seminars by the Sea

Charcuterie-Le-Vertillais Deli and Recipes has extensive experience in organization and catering for congresses and conventions. This type of event is a great communicative occasion for companies and other organizations, for this reason it requires attention to the smallest detail.

In our long history we have developed a multitude of events, congresses, conventions, conferences or shareholders’ meetings. If you are planning professional or corporate meetings, count on a catering service that fits your needs and the objective you want to achieve.

We make sure that the audience lives an extraordinary experience.

Catering Charcuterie-Le-Vertillais Deli And Recipes, The Best Ally In Congress Organization.

Events such as conventions and congresses are an important communication tool and catering helps to enhance it.

Depending on the time of day, attendees will enjoy a break or recess, it is time for a “coffee break”. This takes place in spaces enabled for it, inviting participants to share their first considerations.

A cocktail party or gala rounds off the event. It is used to draw conclusions from what is exposed, and the relaxed atmosphere allows attendees to take home a pleasant memory.

We offer you a catering service adapted to your communication objective, following the corporate identity of your company and an excellent staging.