Catering Charcuterie-Le-Vertillais Deli And Recipes, Catering Company For Events.

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There are many reasons to celebrate. It has Catering Charcuterie-Le-Vertillais Deli and Recipes to have all the necessary services to celebrate events or social acts of a different nature.

References in the sector thanks to a long history that defines us as a company specialized in catering for social events. Creativity and excellence have allowed us to serve the highest public dignitaries, or representatives of international companies on their visits to Granada.

A wide range of services, indisputable quality and personalized attention ensure the success of your event. Our team of professionals works to organize all aspects of the event.

Comprehensive Restaurant Service That Meets Your Expectations.

In addition to gastronomic excellence, we promote each event with a careful staging. This makes us a benchmark for the best luxury catering service for all kinds of social events or public events.

The main objective is to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. This is how we make your social event become an exceptional and memorable event, whether it is an elegant cocktail or the most delicate and spectacular dinner.

An impeccable and professional protocol service, attention to detail and an exclusive gastronomic proposal for each occasion, for all those events that require an added value of quality, exquisiteness and maximum care.